Anna Tsukanova-Kott: how to quickly get back in shape after childbirth

Anna Tsukanova-Kott: how to quickly get back in shape after childbirth

24.05.2022 0 By admin

On June 20, Anna Tsukanova-Kott became a mother for the second time. The actress gave birth to a girl, whose name is still kept secret. But Anna revealed another secret: how she managed to return the figure so quickly to the “pre-pregnant” state so quickly.

In the photo in her microblog, the girl poses in a swimsuit on the Greek coast, and fans in the comments to the publication are delighted with how the actress looks after giving birth.

The secret is simple: the thing is that the girl did yoga and strictly followed her diet. The famous mom eliminated sweets and starchy foods from her diet, ate only healthy and proper food and reduced salt intake to a minimum so that excess fluid does not linger in the body.

“And it was not easy for me) I allowed myself to eat “harmful” a little bit … But now I am very glad that I did it and got the result! 💪🏻 My dear pregnant subscribers, I wish you an easy pregnancy and powerful willpower so that you don’t eat “toxic foods” and know that if I did it, then you can too 😉 And further!!! Enjoy every “pregnant day” of yours! This is such a happiness growing inside a miracle.”

The result is really impressive. And we also want to note how quickly Anna returned to everyday life. Just 5 days after being discharged from the maternity hospital, the actress left for St. Petersburg for a charity dinner, and the next day, already at home in Moscow, she took part in a photo shoot in support of the Animal Care Center.

After 3 days, Anna went to Greece.

Where does a young mother of two children get so much strength and energy from? We hope Anna will reveal this secret too.

How quickly did you get back in shape after giving birth?

Photo: Instagram