Anna Mikhailovskaya now plays football with her son

Anna Mikhailovskaya now plays football with her son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Anna Mikhailovskaya with her son

The current World Cup has shown that even kids love this game. And the little son of actress Anna Mikhailovskaya was no exception: after the final match of the World Cup, three-year-old Miroslav began his game. The kid chose the role of the striker for himself, and the star of the TV series “The Most Beautiful” got a place at the gate.

The World Cup is over, and our “section world championship” continues, now the penalty shootout will begin, ”the actress commented on the photo with the young football player.

Suppose that the boy was fascinated by football by his star mother. During the days of the Championship, Anna Mikhailovskaya actively supported the Russian team .

And on the day of the final match, the actress even admitted that she was in a hurry to the TV: “Someone is in a hurry to the Luzhniki stadium, but someone is in a hurry to the TV screen. I haven’t decided who to cheer for.”

Are your children also “infected” with football?

Photo: Instagram