Anna Kournikova: “I did everything myself”

Anna Kournikova: “I did everything myself”

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Anna Kournikova posted a photo on her Instagram page in which she stands in profile in tight leather trousers and a T-shirt. Thin jersey leaves no doubt that in the past one of the best “rackets of the world” is in an interesting position. “37 weeks,” the now established mom clarified.

The parents of twins – son Nicholas and daughter Lucy, 36-year-old Anna and 42-year-old Enrique Iglesias became in December 2017, which incredibly surprised both fans and journalists. Not a single rumor about the pregnancy of the athlete was leaked to the press. And a few weeks after giving birth, slender as before, Anna was already dancing in her husband’s video.

Obviously, both of these facts gave rise to rumors that another woman gave birth to babies. And now the subscribers were able to make sure that this has nothing to do with the truth.

Like any mother, Anna still protects her four-month-old babies from excessive attention, but her father has already posted several photos and videos on Instagram. On one of them, in a fatherly way, he holds one of the twins on his hip, and on the second, three recognizable heads are depicted against the backdrop of a football match on the screen of a huge TV.

Anna willingly shares other family photos in which she hugs her mom and dad as a girl. The captions for the pictures are full of filial love and appreciation for a happy childhood and a successful life.