Anna Kournikova first showed both twins together

Anna Kournikova first showed both twins together

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Immediately after the fateful Russia-Spain match, tennis player Anna Kournikova posted a photo of her charming twins in the form of football players of both teams (scroll through the photo!)

It is worth noting that in the photo, babies who are not even a year old yet look equally good in red Spanish and in white and blue Russian colors.

Earlier, Anna posted a photo with her son Nicholas, in which they hold their fists together for Russia in the match against Saudi Arabia, and her husband Enrique Iglesias posted on his page a photo with his daughter Lucy, where they are rooting for Spain, which at that moment is playing with Portugal for the exit in the playoffs.

And today, parents have found a compromise solution by trying on the equipment of their countries for the kids.

We hope that football passions and the defeat of Spain will not affect the relationship of the star couple. And now Enrique, together with Anna, the children will be waiting for the game of the Russian team in 1/4 of the World Championship.

Photo: Instagram