Anna Khilkevich will save her daughter from fears

Anna Khilkevich will save her daughter from fears

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Anna Khilkevich , the star of the series “Univer”, constantly pleases her subscribers with bright and unusual photos with her daughter Arianna (2). Even the interesting position in which the actress is now does not prevent her from actively and fully spending time with her child.

This time, the star mom took the baby to the Darwin Museum, next to the entrance to which the girls took a funny photo against the backdrop of a huge dinosaur. Anna wrote this:

I will save my daughter from the fear of dinosaurs. Fast, fun and painless

The account of the star directly charges with positive energy, because similar funny photos appear in it with enviable constancy.

The girl’s father, businessman Artur Volkov , is also not far behind:

Little Ariasha, as the girl is called mom and dad, is incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents!

Photo: Instagram