Animated pictures, 3D and other unusual educational books for children

Animated pictures, 3D and other unusual educational books for children

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To instill in your child a love of reading is the desire of every caring mother. If your baby is too young to make friends with letters, offer him unusual books. Thanks to them, the child will have an interest in learning new things.

Developing felt books

These books are sewn by needlewomen. Instagram is full of variety. Felt books are good because they are created individually for the interests of each child. And they can be washed (if the young reader gets his first book dirty)!

We studied all the felt books and came to the conclusion that they:

… develop fine motor skills

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… help to learn colors

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… develop speech, imagination

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… logic and attentiveness

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…and patience

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“Reviving” books for children

All children love to be read aloud to them. But if dad and mom don’t have time to read at the moment, gadgets will come to the rescue. Install a special application – and the book will come to life, starting to tell fairy tales.

Educational books with reusable stickers

These books are a real salvation for parents whose imagination in organizing children’s leisure has already dried up. Books with reusable stickers are good because the kid can create a new fairy tale every time. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills and mindfulness. After all, you need not only to carefully place the selected picture, but also to guess where exactly to stick it.

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Music books

2 in 1 – book and piano. Yes, it happens! Invite your baby to the first music lessons that he will like.

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Educational books with 3D drawings

The peculiarity of these books is that, using a special application, you can see book drawings in 3D format. The kids love this fun! Many developers have improved applications, and now children themselves become participants in book stories.

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What unusual books does your child have?

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