Ani Lorak: simple exercises to help remove the stomach

Ani Lorak: simple exercises to help remove the stomach

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Ani Lorak is in wonderful shape. The singer demonstrated this in a video posted on her microblog. The famous mother of 7-year-old Sophia showed her favorite exercises, which require only 10-15 minutes a day.


The singer recommends starting the workout with warming up the muscles: turning the head, turning the body to the right and left, swinging the arms and tilting.

And here is a set of exercises from Ani Lorak :

  • swing your legs up while lying on your back;
  • push-up;
  • bar with additional elements of execution.

Watch the video and repeat after Ani Lorak! And the dream of a flat tummy and a toned figure will become a reality.

The singer recommends performing each exercise in 3 sets of 20 times. And the bar – as much as you can, each time increasing the load.

Being fit and energetic when your child is growing up is necessary for any mother!


Do you play sports? Share your favorite effective exercises to maintain a beautiful figure in the comments!

Photo for announcement: Instagram/anilorak