Anastasia Stotskaya is resting with children in the Crimea

Anastasia Stotskaya is resting with children in the Crimea

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Anastasia Stotskaya

Singer Anastasia Stotskaya with her friend and children are now resting in the Crimea. The famous mother enjoys the surrounding beauty and spends all her time with her son Alexander and one-year-old daughter Veraas the family travels without a nanny.

Note that the children, like their famous mother, are very stylish: a swimsuit of a famous brand for a baby and khaki shorts for an older brother-defender.

For herself, Anastasia chose the hit of the season – a kitty swimsuit:

There is no time for mom and children to be bored on vacation: water aerobics for Anastasia, the elder Sasha only learned to swim this year, so he tirelessly conquers the pool and the sea, and little Vera also tasted all the delights of the south. Thanks to her mother’s efforts and the gradual, smooth accustoming to sea procedures, the girl began to frolic in the water with pleasure and did not want to leave.

As the singer herself writes: “Children have enough adventures for a year ahead: they ran, jumped, made new friends, exhausted the whole hotel, and it’s time for moms to go to a rehabilitation center to rest. Still, it’s hard without a nanny with two active children. Thanks to my friend @Tati_ki who replaced me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, the rest was a success, and today we are flying home.”

Last year, Anastasia also rested in Alushta. Then the father of the children, Sergey , about whom the singer practically does not tell anything, joined the family vacation.

Blimey! And our dad knows how to surprise! And not too lazy! After all, the day after tomorrow we fly away!!! Appeared at the door! And now we are at sea with the whole family. Thank you, my love, for coming. Usually I rarely show my husband on social networks. But right now my euphorometer is off the charts. Finally we can all relax together!

And in May, the family also rested in Turkey with a full complement:

Recall that Anastasia and her husband got married in 2010, and the couple met in Dubai.

Where did you meet your soul mate?

photo: Instagram