Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a daughter

Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a daughter

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Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

The wife of Dmitry Tarasov gave the footballer a child: their daughter was born in a clinic near Moscow in Lapino. Model Anastasia Kostenko published good news in her microblog:

“07/10/18 – Our long-awaited daughter was born! Lots of emotions and new feelings. I would never have thought that immense happiness could be 50 cm tall and weigh 2940 grams! Thank you, my love, for what I feel with you!”

The young mother thanked the doctors who were with her during pregnancy and helped the child to be born.

Shared great news with subscribers and Dmitry Tarasov . The football player published a photo with a newborn in his arms, accompanied by his caption and hashtags:

“Thank you dear @kostenko.94 for this miracle” # daughter # second time dad # princess

Recall that for Anastasia Kostenko this is the firstborn, and Dmitry Tarasov has already experienced the happiness of fatherhood in marriage with Oksana Ponomarenko . The athlete has a daughter Angelina . The girl is now 9 years old. In the second marriage with Olga Buzova , the footballer had no children.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko registered their marriage on January 9, 2018. There were not a large number of guests, only a narrow circle of close people. The newlyweds timed the magnificent wedding celebration to coincide with the wedding, which took place on January 29.

Anastasia Kostenko preferred to hide her pregnancy, but on March 18, attentive subscribers declassified her position: they saw the changed forms of the model at the birthday party of Dmitry Tarasov.

The football player dedicated a goal to his beloved and future baby, thus the couple officially confirmed the pregnancy.

And so the couple declassified the sex of the baby:

Since that day, the expectant mother has been sharing news about the course of pregnancy with fans: she talked about her food diary , purchases, weight gain and that she is looking forward to meeting her daughter.

We congratulate young parents on the birth of their daughter!

Photo: Instagram