Always in shape: incendiary workouts by Natalia Podolskaya

Always in shape: incendiary workouts by Natalia Podolskaya

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Natalia Podolskaya

36-year-old Natalya Podolskaya returned from a vacation in Spain and began active work not only on stage, but also in the gym. Recently, the singer released a new song “Strong. Weak.” and finished filming the video clip.

It is impossible not to notice that the singer is in wonderful shape, which she repeatedly demonstrated in vacation photo reports.

Now it is obvious that this is a merit, including hard and constant work in the gym. Even on vacation, Podolskaya actively visited the gym, which she told her subscribers about:

Guys! This year I have reached a new level of relaxation😻. I found a local gym and go to workouts 2-3 times a week 🙈. This is body pump 2 days ago. And now I’m going to Cycle! Never thought.

The other day, Natalia showed on her blog a whole set of exercises that she performs under her own new hit. They can be taken as the basis of your own home workout!

So my good ones! I have 2 news and both are good! Firstly, under my new song #StrongWeak, sports are amazing! The press and the booty swing with a bang !!! And I’m already silent, how calories are burned😁🕺🏻💃🏻.

And secondly, tomorrow I’m shooting a video 😁😁😁😁 for my wonderful new song 🎤🎬🎼! Have a good night, friends❤️

Well, in the meantime, Podolskaya is preparing a new video for fans, we decided to analyze the exercises that can be adopted by anyone who wants to pump up. The training complex of Natalia Podolskaya includes exercises on the step platform.

  • jumping on the step with a weight;
  • rise from knees and jump;
  • “bar” on straight arms with a touch of the shoulder and with a raised hand;
  • alternate jumps with a weighting agent;
  • exercise “climber”;
  • jumping on the step with a squat;
  • jumping on straight legs;

Exercises performed with the step platform allow for dynamic and highly effective workouts. At home, a platform can be made from a low bench, a wooden box, even a large book. The main thing is that it is stable, because during training you will step on it.

Weighted exercises can also be done at home. If you don’t have a disc or dumbbell, you can use water bottles or a regular ball.

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