Alsou's daughter's song blew up the Network

Alsou's daughter's song blew up the Network

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Alsou and daughter Mikella sing

The apple tree does not fall far from the apple tree, and genetics is a great force. This was proved by her own example, the youngest daughter of the singer Alsou , who is making great strides in vocals. All in mom!

Mikella Abramova. 10 years. I could not help but share with you. I wrote the song completely by myself. Usually parents cannot objectively evaluate their children. It always seems that they do everything brilliantly … And this, I think, is normal. But this time, it seems to me that I am not overestimating or exaggerating – this is VERY cool! You already have your own timbre and original style of performance! Proud of you my star!!! – the happy mother told about the success of her daughter.

Young Michella performs a song of her own composition, accompanying herself on the ukulele. With this musical instrument, the girl is clearly on “you”. The video became a hit in a matter of hours and collected over 400,000 views and 5,000 comments!

Alsou’s fans supported her daughter’s debut, expressing delight in the comments:

“What a smart girl!!! Wonderful voice and very cool song!!!😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

“I thought it was a rewritten American song, and if she herself is real, a talented girl !!!”

“On repeat over and over again. Everything is very cool and the song, and the girl, and the voice. Clever, BRAVO! 👍👏👏👏🤩”

“🔥🔥🔥🔥 Very talented!!! And there is someone!)))”

Alsou's daughter - Mikella Abramova

Recall that Mikella already has experience in vocal performance. And not in the family circle, but in front of an audience of thousands. Together with her star mother, the girl took part in the XVI Generation NEXT Festival, which was held at the Rosa Khutor resort in June 2018.

Singer Alsou with her daughter

However, music is not the only hobby of the youngest daughter Alsou. Michela is a fan of gymnastics . And although the girl is not professionally engaged in this sport, her stretching is admirable. The singer also published photos of the young acrobat on her Instagram blog.

Daughter Alsou became interested in gymnasticsAlsou's daughter - Mikella Abramova

Alsou often publishes photos with girls, but there is not a single photo with her youngest son on her blog.

Singer Alsou with her daughters

Singer Alsou with her daughters

Looking at Alsou, it is not easy to believe that this slender girl is a mother of many children. Recall that the heroine of the day, Mikella, has an older sister, 12-year-old Safina , and a two-year-old brother Rafael . Alsou is raising children with her husband, businessman Yan Abramov , with whom he has been married since 2006.

Alsou with her husband Yan Abramov

Singer Alsou with her husband and daughters

Singer Alsou with her daughters By the way, another proud star mom, designer and ex-pepper, Victoria Beckham , not so long ago shared with fans a video in which her 13-year-old son Cruz plays and sings .

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