#Alone with candy: a flash mob from Galina Bob that made us laugh

#Alone with candy: a flash mob from Galina Bob that made us laugh

24.05.2022 0 By admin

As a rule, many people are involved in flash mobs – for example, they can suddenly start dancing in a crowded place or arrange a whole performance in honor of a significant event. But what if only one person participates in a flash mob, and he does not know about it?

Not so long ago, actress Galina Bob , who has a lot of funny videos on Instagram, started just such an experiment. The main and only participant in the flash mob was her son, left alone with sweets. The actress decided to check if Leo could resist the temptation and fulfill the request not to eat treats alone? Look what came out of it!

By the way: more than 40 years ago, a “marmalade experiment” was conducted at Stanford with the participation of 600 children, during which four-year-olds were asked for 15 minutes not to eat a piece of marmalade lying in front of them. As a reward for the completed task, the kids were promised another slice of goodies. The researchers followed the lives of the little participants and found that those who were able to hold out for the set time were more successful than the hurried sweet tooth.

Inspired by her son’s endurance, Galina Bob invited her subscribers to hold a flash mob. And although there were not so many who joined, the posted videos are enough to laugh a lot. We have chosen the very best, look!

Songs and counting to five come to the rescue …

“Can you just touch it? What about licking?”

In order not to succumb to temptation, it is better not to look at sweets!

“Don’t eat without me! – I eat, mom, I eat … “

Biting does not mean eating!

Do you think your child will be able to resist the temptation to eat sweets if you ask?

Photo: stills from Instagram videos