All in the collection: the Yudashkin family in Israel

All in the collection: the Yudashkin family in Israel

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The wife of Valentin Yudashkin shared her joy: the couple, along with their daughter, came to Israel to the mother of the fashion designer, Raisa Petrovna . Relations in this family are the envy of everyone: mother-in-law Marina affectionately calls her mother, and her daughter Galina does not forget to bring her sons to visit her great-grandmother.

Now the whole family is resting on the sea, babysitting the children and just enjoying communication with each other:

Recall that recently Valentine had a second grandson, who was named Arkady . His christening , which was a month ago, was also attended by all family members and close friends:

By the way, despite the small difference between the children, Anatoly , the eldest child, only 2 years old, managed to avoid jealousy. As Galina Yudashkina explained in the comments in her microblog, she tries to spend as much time with Tolya as possible so that he feels that he is still loved.

The Yudashkins are a real standard of a friendly family. Marina and Valentin have been married for 30 years, in honor of which, on the eve of the holiday of Love, family and fidelity, they received a letter.

And their daughter and husband Peter Maksakov are clearly going to follow such a positive example.

And how many years does your marriage last?

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