Alec Baldwin's son decided to become an astronaut

Alec Baldwin's son decided to become an astronaut

24.05.2022 0 By admin

60-year-old Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin became a father for the fifth time in mid-May. His 34-year-old wife Hilaria gave birth to a boy, who was named Romeo.

The actor and his wife have four common children: daughter Carmen and sons Raphael, Leonardo and Romeo. Baldwin also has a daughter, Ireland (22), from her marriage to actress Kim Basinger .

Raphael turned 3 on June 17, but the boy has been showing interest in space for a long time and wears clothes that have logos of the NASA space agency.

Astronauts fly on NASA space shuttles and wear spacesuits. It is in this special space equipment that Rafael periodically walks around the house. The company of the brother is sometimes made by the elder sister Carmen .

Our space station

Parents encourage this interest and periodically publish photos or videos with their son on their blogs, accompanying this with funny comments.

Astronaut, dancer and dinosaur

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However, maybe little Raphael is just looking for himself. The blog of the famous actor also has a lot of videos where his son enthusiastically plays the guitar. For example, here’s a video:

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