Again like a bride: Navka showed a new photo with Dmitry Peskov

Again like a bride: Navka showed a new photo with Dmitry Peskov

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Tatyana Navka with her husband Dmitry Peskov

Tatyana Navka and Dmitry Peskov are now in Baku, where the annual International Music Festival is taking place on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Despite the heat, the song festival of the same name gathered a large number of stars. Could not resist the temptation to visit Baku and Tatyana Peskova with her husband.

We heard so many good things about the ZHARA festival and finally visited this wonderful holiday of song, sun and summer!!! – the figure skater shared in her microblog.

Celebrity fans noted her image – Navka chose a white puffy dress, which reminded some of her subscribers of the figure skater’s wedding day with Dmitry Peskov.

Tatyana Navka with Dmitry Peskov and Valentin Yudashkin in a white dress © @tatiana_navka

Recall that the wedding of the athlete and the press secretary of the President of Russia took place on August 1, 2015. The couple are raising a little daughter, Nadia, who recently showed a master class in diving . Tatyana also has a daughter, Alexander , from her marriage to Alexander Zhulin.

However, in truth, Tatyana Navka often appears in white, considering this color to be her favorite. And indeed: the color of the snowy peaks suits the blonde figure skater like no other. And on vacation, dresses and sundresses in shades of clouds are incredibly good!

Tatyana Navka in white © @tatiana_navka

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