Advantages and disadvantages of facial biorevitalization

Advantages and disadvantages of facial biorevitalization

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Biorevitalization of the face is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to maintain the natural turgor of the skin and its fresh appearance. Biorevitalization contributes to the prevention of fine wrinkles, due to which a rejuvenating effect occurs. It is especially suitable for the first signs of aging. However, before making an appointment with a beautician, it is recommended to carefully study the main advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.

The essence of the face biorevitalization method

At a young age, the inner layers of the epidermis produce enough hyaluronic acid to maintain elasticity and freshness. After 25 years, the body begins to age, and the production of useful substances decreases every year. For this reason, after the age of 30, the first signs of fading are already noticeable: small mimic wrinkles, a tired look, a change in skin tone.

facial biorevitalization

Biorevitalization of the face – a modern cosmetological solution against wrinkles

Biorevitalization of the face consists in the subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid. In the form of creams, useful components practically do not penetrate through the pores, and with the help of injections, useful substances enter the deep layers of the skin. This method of rejuvenation has been used in cosmetology since 2001.

Indications for the appointment of biorevitalization:

  • dry skin, tightness;
  • the first signs of aging;
  • wilting and deterioration of turgor;
  • the appearance of a second chin or sagging cheeks, due to age-related changes, and not obesity;
  • blurred facial contour;
  • the presence of stretch marks, scars or scars;
  • enlarged pores;
  • spider veins on the face;
  • puffiness, bags or dark circles under the eyes;
  • acne, blackheads, inflammation.

The procedure will not get rid of problems immediately. First, problem areas are treated over several sessions. Then proceed to other stages of exposure.

Pros and cons of the procedure

If you carefully select a specialist with extensive experience, then there will be more advantages than possible negative effects:

  • skin rejuvenation will be noticeable after the first sessions;
  • the procedure takes less time and costs less than plastic surgery;
  • the recovery period is short;
  • beauty injections are allowed at any age.

For injections, chemical components are used that are close to the structure of natural ones located in the epidermal layer. Usually drugs are well tolerated and rarely cause adverse reactions.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • there are differences in the structural formula of natural and artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid;
  • the body needs time to get used to the intake of anti-aging substances from the outside;
  • possible inexperience of the master, who during the procedure may touch the nerve endings;
  • ignorance of contraindications to the procedure.

In most cases, the body accepts a foreign substance, and it successfully takes root. In rare cases, there is a risk of rejection, leading to severe inflammation. Possible development of cancer.

You can not often carry out biorevitalization, otherwise the body will stop synthesizing its own hyaluronic acid. A sharp rejection of permanent procedures leads to rapid aging of the face.

Contraindications to biorevitalization

Before going to the beautician, it is important to study the list of prohibitions for manipulation. A good specialist always asks about the presence of chronic diseases. You can not do anti-aging injections for the following diseases:

  • the presence of autoimmune pathologies;
  • period of menstruation or the presence of premenstrual syndrome;
  • the presence of stones in the gallbladder;
  • any chronic diseases in the acute period;
  • the tendency of the skin surface to scarring;
  • diabetes;
  • the presence of tumors of unknown origin or previously transferred oncology;
  • intolerance to the components of drugs, a tendency to allergies;
  • the presence of large moles, age spots or nevi at the site of exposure.

The period of pregnancy and lactation is also a contraindication.


The effect of the work depends on the literacy of the specialist

It is recommended to conduct a medical examination before the procedure in order to protect yourself from negative consequences. In the presence of any disease, you should wait for a full recovery. In the case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or menstruation, hyaluronic acid injections can be done immediately after the completion of physiological processes.

Plasmolifting: the essence of the procedure

There are several varieties of beauty injections, and often inexperienced users get confused in terms. For example, plasmolifting and biorevitalization are not the same thing.

The first method is the injection of platelet-rich plasma. Despite the fact that it sounds somewhat intimidating, the procedure has many positive aspects.

In a specially equipped room, a specialist takes blood and runs the biomaterial into a centrifuge. Within half an hour, the device separates plasma platelets from everything else. Then the contents are injected into the problem area. The duration of the procedure does not exceed half an hour. To avoid pain, the beautician uses a local anesthetic.

Among the advantages of plasmolifting are noted:

  • brevity of the procedure;
  • no risk of rejection due to the use of own biomaterial;
  • low risk of side effects;
  • a small list of contraindications;
  • fast recovery period.

Also, the procedure is affordable for most clients, and the result lasts for a year after 2-3 sessions.

Among the disadvantages of plasmolifting, there is a risk of infection if the master uses poorly disinfected materials for work. There are also patients who are terribly afraid of venous blood sampling, but this is a psychological aspect.

It is not recommended to sign up for a session during menstruation. Pregnant and lactating mothers cosmetic procedure is also contraindicated. A few days before the session, you should refrain from visiting the solarium or the beach during periods of increased solar activity.

Facial mesotherapy: what is it and how is it performed

Mesotherapy also refers to anti-aging procedures. It is carried out in a complex, in several stages. The essence of the method is the introduction of nutrients into the deep layers of subcutaneous fat. This tightens the skin and prevents the increase in wrinkles. The substances used in mesotherapy normalize metabolic processes, activate biochemical processes, and also enhance the synthesis of structural proteins.


The pros of the biorevitalization procedure are more obvious than the cons

By improving elasticity, enhancing microcirculation and stimulating collagen production, mesotherapy has the following results:

  • tightens the skin at any age;
  • evens out complexion;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • smoothes mimic wrinkles.

The end result is different, as it depends on the active substances used in the form of injection. An experienced master selects a combination and proportions so that there is a synergistic effect between the components. The following are added to the injections: vitamins, antioxidant matrices, amino acids, nucleotides, salts, trace elements or hyaluronic acid.

There are two methods of administration – with thin needles or with the help of physiotherapy procedures. Most often, the décolleté, neck and face areas are worked out.

Stages of facial mesotherapy

The first stage is to saturate the skin with useful substances. The working area is evenly worked out with injections. This helps to prepare the face for the next stages of work, and also enhances intracellular metabolism. After the first part of the work, a rejuvenating effect appears. The components of the cocktail saturate not only the subcutaneous fat, but also the deep muscle layers. As a result, skin turgor increases, elasticity returns.

The second stage consists in direct mesotherapy. Substances are introduced to help tighten the skin that has lost its elasticity. The face is cleansed, toxins are removed. The depth of injection is 2 mm, which ensures a uniform distribution of active ingredients. The working areas are located along the hairline, above the eyebrows, along the lower jaw and in the temples.

The final step is to relax the muscles. This is an optional item if age-related changes are minor. When working with skin after 40 years, ptosis occurs, mimic wrinkles become deep, and turgor is extremely weakened.

A full complex of three stages is carried out within a week and a half. For optimal results, 4-6 sessions are recommended.

The main working areas for the introduction of muscle relaxants:

  • nasolabial triangle;
  • forehead folds;
  • periorbital and perioral zone;
  • downturned corners of the mouth.

For alignment, additional administration of substances that relax the muscles is required. This prevents new wrinkles from forming and keeps old ones from getting worse.

Instead of Botox, cosmetologists prefer to use peptides that have a relaxing effect. Peptides have a mild effect, they are well tolerated, do not cause a rejection reaction, and in combination with injectable vitamin cocktails they have a stronger effect.

Biorevitalization of the face is a modern way to rejuvenate the skin without negative consequences. The cosmetic procedure does not apply to radical rejuvenation measures, but it helps to maintain a healthy complexion for many years without large financial costs. In order to avoid adverse reactions and negative consequences, a cosmetologist should be carefully selected.


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