Active weekend: how stars relax with children

Active weekend: how stars relax with children

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Weekends are a great opportunity to spend more time with your beloved parents than children enjoy. It is they who dictate their wishes on how to spend their leisure time, and parents have no choice but to agree to various adventures.

We decided to find out how celebrities spend the weekend with their children: together or separately – it’s always fun!

Britney Spears is the mother of two boys, so she got the appropriate entertainment. The singer and her sons staged extreme races.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio chose less risky leisure: she went rollerblading with her daughter Anya.

“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot spent an active weekend at the water park.

The son of the famous director Clint Eastwood , Scott is a fan of surfing. All his free time he conquers the waves. See how beautiful!

Tatyana Navka and her daughter Nadia love to jump on the trampoline.

Tom Brady , husband of model Gisele Bündchen , made his two sons run around the field.

The children of actress Jennifer Garner gave mom a test. See how it was:

The star of the series “Game of Thrones” and “Aquaman” Jason Mamoa with his son loves to shoot with a bow.

Daughter of Jeremy Renner Ava, with friends, also arranged races on the map, only not everyone got the car and had to run.

Marina Alexandrova spent her son’s birthday no less actively – she rode a carousel with him.

©Instagram @mar_alexandrova

The son of Edgard Zapashny , Daniel, is just watching his mother ride a wakesurf.

©Instagram @danielzapashny

Anna Khilkevich and her daughter visited an amusement park last weekend.

Alexey Chadov with his son on the beach conquers the waves, but so far near the shore.

©Instagram @alexeychadov

Mark Wahlberg decided to combine business with pleasure: he spent the weekend training for a new role, and the children helped him in this.

The daughters of Ksenia Borodina also “came off” on the carousels.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar spent not quite active time, but extreme. Not everyone would be so brave as to feed a giraffe!

©Instagram @sarahmgellar

The daughter of Yulia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev spends all her holidays in Jurmala actively resting. But then I decided to relax a bit and swing in a hammock. And we understand it!

Kate Hudson also opted for a “lazy” vacation. But she can, she is pregnant and it is better for her to be less active now.

©Instagram @katehudson

But the eldest son of the actress still arranged a race in the pool on an inflatable scooter.

©Instagram @mr.ryderrobinson

And the winner of our selection is David Beckham . Victoria has made several videos showing her husband trying to start the motorcycle to race on his day off. However, something went wrong… See for yourself:

Tell me, do you like active weekends or lazy ones?

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