30 hairstyles for little princesses

30 hairstyles for little princesses

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hairstyles for girls

Being a mother of a little fashionista is a great happiness for every woman, because together with her daughter you can not only buy beautiful outfits, but also experiment with hairstyles! In our selection – stylish hairstyles for girlssuitable for both every day and special occasions!

Hairstyles with braids

Braids are the main hit of recent years. And this is not surprising, because hairstyles with various intricacies look very impressive! With them you can go to school or to a children’s party. In addition, when the hair is braided, they do not climb into the baby’s eyes and do not interfere with active games. If you only know how to weave classic braids, watch various video tutorials and practice on your daughter. In fact, learning how to weave unusual “snakes”, French braids and even flowers from hair is not so difficult: it just takes practice. However, even with classic braids, you can come up with many unusual hairstyles, the main thing is to show your imagination!

hairstyles with braids Hairstyles with accessories

The right hair accessory can completely transform even the simplest hairstyle! And for young ladies in the store you can find literally anything. These can be cute headbands with rhinestones or flowers, neat bows, delicate or bright ribbons that are woven into braids, various hairpins and hairpins, as well as multi-colored hair strands, which are now especially in trend! Experiment and look for what your baby will like. And let her have several options for all occasions, which will allow you to change hairstyles and be different every day!

hairstyles for girls


A bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to make. However, in appearance they are not as simple as they seem, but on the contrary, they are very neat and elegant. However, there are a lot of variations of this hairstyle: classic or side, smooth or “shaggy” bun, braid buns, as well as funny “ears”. They can also be complemented with various accessories: beautiful multi-colored elastic bands, bows , flowers and hairpins. With such hairstyles, the baby will be very comfortable! Just try not to tighten your hair too much, and also let your head rest for a day or two after wearing the buns.

buns for girls


If your little one is tired of the usual ponytails – one or two – there are many ways to diversify this hairstyle! The simplest is to additionally divide the hair into strands and “intercept” them with rubber bands, creating new ponytails, which can also be left loose or put together afterwards. Twisted locks, pigtails, curled ends: all this will add originality to simple ponytails!

hairstyles with ponytails

Curls and waves

It would seem that there is nothing easier than curls and waves familiar to everyone, but how beautiful this hairstyle looks! If you want to create light waves on the baby’s head, it is not at all necessary to use a curling iron. After washing your hair, you can simply braid slightly damp hair into a braid or bun and wait until it dries. This way they curl naturally. But for the holiday, you can make a more spectacular evening hairstyle with curls using a curling iron. This styling can also be decorated with an unusual hairpin or bow.

hairstyles with curls

What hairstyles do you like?

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