3 in 1: Cool slide that will make this summer the best

3 in 1: Cool slide that will make this summer the best

24.05.2022 0 By admin

What do kids like? Of course, jump, jump, swim and go down the hill. But buying a trampoline, slide and pool is too expensive. Wait a minute, the manufacturers looked at the situation through the eyes of moms and dads and created (hooray!) cool entertainment, which we called “three in one”. It has a slide, a pool, and a trampoline.

What do you need to install such a children’s entertainment? Firstly, a perfectly flat surface, completely cleared of stones, so that the slide does not turn over and burst. Secondly, a constant supply of air so that it does not deflate. Third, vigilant parental control of child safety.

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And here’s an idea how you can use a slide-trampoline-pool during the cold season: instead of water, fill the space with light plastic balls.

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Does your child like to jump on the trampoline and swim in the pool?

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