25 specialties that you can get during the decree for free

25 specialties that you can get during the decree for free

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Study on maternity leave

During maternity leave, mothers often discover new talents in themselves. Many become confectioners, hand made or nail service masters, freelancers and subsequently even open their own individual entrepreneurs.

If you have no desire to do something like this, but have enough free time and enthusiasm, you can take professional retraining courses and get a new specialty, confirmed by a diploma. At the Employment Center at the place of permanent registration, this can be done completely free of charge! You can also sign up for courses at the My Documents Public Services Center.

The rules for sending mothers to study are regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation ” On Employment in the Russian Federation ” (Article 23, clause 1.1.) and the Decrees of regional authorities. The list of specialties in each Employment Center is individual, it depends on the degree of demand in the city or microdistrict. The form of training is full-time and part-time, and the duration of the courses is from two weeks to three months (depending on the profession).

The list of specialties that are suitable for young mothers

We have collected all the offers that may be of interest to young mothers:

  1. master of manicure and pedicure;
  2. hairdresser of a wide profile;
  3. Office Manager;
  4. Sales Manager;
  5. Quality manager;
  6. Human Resources Manager;
  7. restaurant and hotel business manager;
  8. secretary;
  9. merchandiser;
  10. estimator;
  11. operator 1C;
  12. accountant;
  13. salesman;
  14. cashier;
  15. interior designer;
  16. social work psychologist;
  17. cutter;
  18. tailor;
  19. baker;
  20. cook;
  21. confectioner;
  22. nurse;
  23. specialist in medical massage;
  24. physiotherapy trainer;
  25. physiotherapist.

It is important to know! A mother can receive vocational training once during the period of parental leave until the child reaches the age of three.

While the Employment Center is not committed to finding you a job, it can help you find the job you need. Therefore, courses are a great opportunity to find a part-time job or change your field of activity at the end of the decree.

In our list, we presented professions that a mother can learn almost from scratch. However, you can not only get a new profession in an accelerated mode, but also improve your qualifications in your specialty , improve the skills and knowledge that you already have, which means that after leaving parental leave you will be able to apply for a higher position and level of remuneration .

Documents required for professional retraining:

  • passport,
  • child’s birth certificate,
  • education document,
  • copies of a work-related document confirming that you are on parental leave until the child reaches the age of three,
  • certificate stating that you are on maternity leave.
  • a copy of the work book, certified at work,
  • work book (for the unemployed).

Important! The Employment Center does not send mothers to receive secondary and higher education: we are talking only about short-term courses.

In any case, the time of maternity leave and parental leave is not only the need to be close to the baby, but also the opportunity to learn a lot of new and useful things. It is during this period of searching for themselves that many mothers choose a new direction of their own development and find the business of their dreams.

Would you like to get a new profession? What else do you want to know? Write to us in the comments and we will tell you!

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