21 habits to instill in children

21 habits to instill in children

24.05.2022 0 By admin

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The more good habits the parents have, the better the child will be. Yes, such a chain is obtained. From a tender age, kids imitate us, copy what we do. That’s why it’s the most natural way to teach kids useful skills. So they will understand – if mom and dad do this, then I will.

#1: Choose healthy food

Kids today are addicted to fast food. Our task is not only to tell that chips and burgers are not healthy, but to set an example of a healthy diet. Let healthy and healthy food be in your diet.

#2: Be physically active

mom and daughter doing exercises

Sticking to a computer or tablet monitor is the second scourge of modern children. They are more interested in going through the next level of a new game than playing ball on the court. Therefore, your family should have a tradition of walking and physical activities in the fresh air. Play football, volleyball, go swimming, walk in the woods! And, of course, do exercises with your children every morning.

#3: Be yourself and don’t follow fashion

Teach your child not to blindly follow fashion trends in any area. For example, drinking trendy drinks, wearing exclusively relevant things just because it is now in trend.

#4: Spending time at family dinner

family dinner

Modern parents work hard and sometimes can not always give the child time. Organize a tradition of family dinners on weekdays and breakfasts or lunches on weekends. It’s not just meal time. This is communication time.

#5: Drink water

Use a personal example, tell them that drinking water is better than sugary or carbonated drinks. And also about how water helps to maintain health and beauty, and soft drinks containing a lot of sugar can cause problems with excess weight and be harmful to health.

#6: Clean up

girl helps mom clean up

Start by organizing order around yourself and the children. When they get used to seeing things in their place, they will also want to keep things clean and tidy.

#7: Be responsible with money

children and money

Once the children are old enough to use the money, teach them the value of the money they earn. Teach your child to spend it wisely by giving out pocket money.

#9: Keep Public Places Clean

garbage collection

Do not throw garbage in public places, find garbage cans for this purpose.

#10: Be polite

Teach your kids to respect people. Explain to the children that even if they encounter someone they don’t like very much, they still need to be polite and behave with dignity.

#11: Don’t harm animals

child and dog

Talk about the fact that animals and birds are living creatures that need protection and attention. But be sure to teach to recognize the potential danger that a stray dog or other creature may be fraught with.

#12: Don’t criticize

Many people react to criticism very painfully. Therefore, parents need to show by their own example that one cannot speak badly of others. Do not express your critical opinion unless asked. And even then it makes sense to choose words so as not to offend a person.

#13: Be honest

Don’t lie to your children. As a parent, you are a role model. Be honest yourself and motivate children to tell the truth in all circumstances.

#14: Be patient and persistent

boy working in the garden

Teach your kids to be calm. Demonstrate with examples that any unfavorable situation can be solved. But be sure without haste, because this way you can break firewood. Encourage them to get involved in activities that require patience rather than instant results.

#15: Saying “Please”, “Thank you”, “Sorry”

Use these words when communicating with children and others. So children will remember not only the words themselves and polite phrases, but also understand in what situations they need to be used.

#16: Help people

Encourage children to help those in need whenever possible. But caution them to be wary of strangers.

#17: Be an optimist

Children are very sensitive and easily upset when things don’t work out. Encourage, help in word and deed , but avoid false praise.

#18: Be punctual

Children must learn to use time correctly, follow the daily schedule. And also understand the value of the time of the people around us.

#19: Accept defeat

mother comforting daughter

Children tend to get upset and take it hard if they fail. Talk about ups and downs in life. Focus on the effort you need to make to achieve the result. And on the fact that each result is important for the future.

#20: Know how to work

Teach your children that luck alone does not contribute to success. It requires knowledge, determination, responsibility. And, of course, work. After all, without difficulty, as you know …

#21: Give Up Bad Habits

The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking depends on family upbringing. You must teach your children to avoid this under all circumstances. Even if friends convince you to try, even if no one knows about it. Discuss the dangers of alcohol and smoking.

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Be kind and patient: habit formation is not a quick process. But everything that we have now and who we are, “comes from childhood.” So it is worth every effort for a better future for our children.

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