20 most beautiful daughters of action heroes

20 most beautiful daughters of action heroes

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We became interested in how the daughters of the actors now look, who are remembered by many for cool action movies. All these muscular and formidable men, it seemed, would do nothing but save the world on the silver screen all their lives.

However, almost all of these actors of action films have created families and have many children. And their daughters are real beauties! See for yourself.

Sylvester Stallone

Daughters : Sofia (21), Sistine (20) and Scarlet (16). All girls were born married to Jennifer Flavin .

What they do: Sophia and Sistine try their hand at modeling.

Their younger sister Scarlet has not yet been noted in any field of activity.

Steven Seagal

Daughters: Annalize (31), Arissa (July 24 will be 25 years old) were born from ex-wife Kelly Lebrock. There is also a daughter, Ayako Fujitani (38), from her first marriage to a Japanese woman, Miyako Fujitani, and a daughter, Savannah , from a relationship with Arissa Wolf.

What they do: of all the girls, only Arissa is widely known to the public. The girl is engaged in wrestling, and she also works as a plus size model.

Also in Japan, Ayako Fujitani is very popular: Seagal’s first daughter became a writer, but sometimes acts in films.

There is no information about the other two daughters at the moment.

Hulk Hogan

Daughter : Brooke (30), born to Linda Claridge (now divorced).

What she does: the girl chose the career of an actress, but she has not yet had significant roles.

Lorenzo Lamas

Daughters : Shane (32), was born in the actor’s second marriage to Michelle Smith (now divorced). From his fourth wife, model Shona Sand, Lorenzo has 3 daughters: Alexandra (20), Victoria (19), and Isabella (17). There is also a daughter from a relationship with actress Daphne Ashbrook – Paton (29).

What they do : Shane is an actress and reality TV contestant. Her most notable role was in the TV series General Hospital. Now the eldest daughter of Lamas enjoys family life with her husband and two children.

Paton Ashbrook also chose an acting career. Of the last notable roles – work in the series “Areas of Darkness” and “House of Cards”.

Three daughters from Shona Sand – Alexandra, Victoria and Isabella – are not busy with anything specific yet.

Their mom’s blog has a lot of photos of beautiful daughters. Perhaps they will choose a career as a model, or maybe they will be carried away by acting.




Dolph Lundgren

Daughters : Ida (22) and Greta (16.5). The girls were born in a marriage with a Swedish jewelry designer Anette Kviberg.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Daughter : Bianca Brie (27), born to actor’s wife Gladys Portugues. By the way, the couple is celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this year.

What she does: the girl chose an acting career, like her father.

Bruce Willis

Daughters: Rumer (29), Scout (26) and Talulah (24) from her marriage to Demi Moore. The other two girls are from his second wife, Emma Hemming: Mabel (6) and Evelyn (4).

Rumer decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and has been acting in Hollywood for several years.

What is Scout currently doing? it’s hard to say. She leads a rather active social life and communicates a lot with her mother and sisters. It is known that in 2013 she received a diploma from Brown University in the field of literary art.

Little is known about Talulah ‘s hobbies either. Together with her sister Scout, she is an activist in the anti-censorship movement Free The Nipple, which advocates for a woman’s right to bare her breasts in public places.

Will Smith

Daughter: Willow (age 17), born to his beloved wife Jada Pinkett .

What she does : the girl is successfully pursuing a musical career, sometimes acting in films, and also has various interesting hobbies .

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Daughters: Catherine (28) and Christina (26), born in marriage to Maria Shriver (now divorced).

What they do: Katherine writes books and blogs about lifestyle. On the blog, the girl shares various tips that are suitable for people with low incomes.

The girl has been fond of writing since she was 19, when her first book “Use what nature has given: Secrets of love for inner and outer beauty from someone who has been there and returned” was published. The purpose of the book is to help people with what they do not like about themselves. Katherine gives practical advice for insecure girls, referring to her own life experience. The girl wrote about the problems she had to face in adolescence.

Last year, Arnie’s daughter released a children’s book, Maverick and Me. Since childhood, Katherine has been saving animals that she found on the street and even joined one group that did this professionally. Her love for dogs inspired her to write this story. The book tells about rescue groups for animals, and the purpose of the work is to convey to children the idea that such teams exist and how they help.

Not much is known about Christina . In 2013, the girl graduated from Georgetown University under the program “Public Relations”. What he is currently doing is unknown. On her blog, she shares family photos, mostly with her beloved dad.

Which daughter do you like best?

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