15 ideas: a pirate party for a children's birthday

15 ideas: a pirate party for a children's birthday

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A themed party is always fun, because kids love to dress up and transform, they immediately jump into the game. If your son is crazy about Jack Sparrow and only wears clothes with prints from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, if your daughter’s favorite cartoon about fairies is Fairies: Mystery of Pirate Island, it’s time to have a real pirate party!

Organizing such a holiday is not at all difficult, it only takes a little imagination, your time and, possibly, a few evenings devoted to “pirate” creativity . But the result will surely delight your child! And we have collected ideas for you that will certainly come in handy when developing a pirate party.

This is what an unusual invitation to a pirate party looks like

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If you have a few cardboard boxes, be sure to “build” a pirate ship

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Turning children into little pirates is as easy as shelling pears: tie a black bandanna for each or hand out cocked hats and vests

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Don’t forget the eye patch!

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Carnival costume is not the most important thing, face painting rules!

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And the main pirate of the evening cannot do without a parrot

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Long balls can act as swords. But if you want something more unusual and durable, sew these weapons for your pirates:

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To make the photos bright and thematic without processing in Photoshop, take care of the photo zone

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You can save a lot on the photo zone if you use balloons to decorate it.

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By the way, about balloons. They, of course, must also be pirated!

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In a pirate party, as in any other themed holiday,
it’s all about the details

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The quest will help to make the holiday interesting and add activities to it. Treasure hunting is the most suitable task for a pirate party, and for it, of course, you need a treasure map…

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A pirate piñata will help to complete the activity with bright emotions.

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Is it time for a sweet table? Can you imagine how surprised and delighted the children will be when they see that the treats are the most pirated? Bon appetit!

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Birthday is the day when everyone gives gifts to the birthday boy. Where to put them?.. We suggest using a special pirate gift storage: a chest!

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To please the little guests, you can also make gifts for them. For example, at the end of the holiday, distribute pirate bundles or bonbonnieres with sweets

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Star mothers also arrange holidays for their children in the style of Treasure Island, Polina Dibrova also prepared such a holiday for her son. Watch the video:

What style theme party have you already arranged for a child?

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