10 Weird Habits Every Mom Has

10 Weird Habits Every Mom Has

24.05.2022 0 By admin

As a rule, mothers do not notice these “strange things” behind them. We have compiled a whole list of such “acquisitions” for you to test yourself. Or ask loved ones to say if you have them.

Constantly comment on everything : on the street, in the store, and on the playground, in the clinic … It looks like this: “Let’s buy these dryers”, “Look, the butterfly is flying”, “What is this drawn here? And here is a girl with a toothbrush, she shows how to brush your teeth properly”, “And now the red light of the traffic light is on – you can’t cross the road.” The funny thing is, mothers sometimes forget that the child is not around, and still continue to comment – this is sometimes the case in the store.

Roll a stroller when it … is not. Have you seen moms in malls or stores pushing a grocery cart back and forth? Here! This is the same case!

Rocking a baby without… a baby. Many mothers rock their babies in their arms. And the habit of swaying slightly remains. Therefore, if you see a mother who, sitting on a bench, sways back and forth, do not worry – everything is in order with her mental health. She just held the baby in her arms for a long time. And that doesn’t happen quickly.

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Jump in place. And this is already a habit for slings. So that the baby does not act up, mothers – fans of slings and ergo backpacks slightly jump on the spot. In this state, the baby calms down faster. And now the child grows up, the sling is no longer relevant, but the habit remains.

Repeat the same thing over and over . Oh, this habit is so firmly established in the everyday life of a mother that even the surrounding adults begin to suffer from it. And if relatives understand where the legs “grow from”, then this sometimes annoys unfamiliar people.

All disinfect. Every mom has a strategic supply of germicidal wet wipes in her bag. And they wipe all the objects around: a bench, a slide, a swing, handrails, a car steering wheel, a table and chairs in a cafe.

Watch out for security. Every mother’s task number 1 is to save the child from flying swings, balls, hooligans and other potential hazards. It doesn’t matter whose child it is. If a mother sees that someone else’s baby is in a dangerous neighborhood with a carousel and a swinging swing, she will rush to pick him up from there.

The habit is to eat fast. Mothers of babies are accustomed to eating snatches. As is often the case, tea poured in the morning is drunk in the middle of the day. Therefore, in order not to remain hungry – you need to eat quickly. This surprises others, for example, at work or in a cafe. While someone is sipping coffee or enjoying the taste of a salad, Mom quickly knocks food into herself.

Carry a bunch of stuff “just in case”. Do not be surprised why moms have such bulky backpacks or bags. There is a lot of good stuff there: a bottle of water, a package of juice, wet wipes, paper napkins, a handkerchief, a book, a typewriter or a doll, a spatula, a baby blouse (what if it gets colder?), Bedding under a swing or on a bench, chalk, tights or panties for a shift , hydrogen peroxide.

The habit of caring. And not just about your child. Convince your husband to put on a warm hat. Correct the tag on a dress for an unfamiliar woman – remove it by the collar. Tell a teenager on the street that his shoelaces are undone – after all, he will fall.

Moms, you are amazing! And all these habits demonstrate your concern for children. Let them be funny, but so cute.

Tell us about your habits that have appeared after the birth of a child!

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