10 kitchen utensils that all kids love to play with

10 kitchen utensils that all kids love to play with

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Best of all, children play with something that, in fact, is not a toy. And as soon as the baby is in the kitchen space, he finds something to his liking. We have selected 10 items from mom’s kitchen that all the crumbs love to play with .

Plastic container with lid

You can put small cars into it, parts of a scattered puzzle or designer, small cubes, then close it all with a lid and start rattling like a big rattle. Funny! And if mom is distracted, then, most likely, she will find this container somewhere under the bed in the children’s room.

Set of plastic containers

This is the best pyramid you could ever dream of! And when they get tired of building it up, the children take off the lids from the containers and play “matryoshka” – they put one container into another.


An ordinary saucepan in children’s hands turns into several “toy” items at once: a drum, storage (where without it!) And a pool – if mom takes a chance and allows you to pour water.


With the help of a sieve, kids carry their small toys. And through it you can look at different objects – they look very unusual!


With these kitchen utensils, the game turns into a musical performance. Noise, din, rubbish! Mom is calm – the baby plays and does not distract her.

Saucepan lid

Children turn this most common kitchen item into a balancer. They put small toys in the lid and look in which direction it will roll.

Containers with cereals

The ideal option is plastic containers in which mothers store pasta and various cereals. A prerequisite is a lid that is difficult to open. Otherwise – unscheduled cleaning. The child will be busy for at least 15-30 minutes playing, rolling and turning. After all, it rustles, which means it is very interesting!


The most ordinary tray in a children’s game can turn into a track for cars or a house for dolls. The entire fleet of vehicles or a doll with its dowry will migrate to the kitchen here.

Plastic water bottle

If you pour water into it and mix it with dye, the child will be busy periodically shaking his new fun and watching how beautiful colored bubbles appear and burst.

Pot set

Give the baby all the pots and pans, after removing the lids from them. And let the baby determine – where which one should be located. Trial and error method: the task will most likely not be 100% completed. But you will have about thirty minutes to cook soup for lunch or porridge for dinner.

What kitchen items does your child like to play with?

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