10 Instagram fitness moms to follow

10 Instagram fitness moms to follow

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Many are sure that it is absolutely impossible to play sports at home, and even with children. But there are girls who have proven that this is not so ! Fitness moms have time not only to raise children, but also to look great, train, and also help other people find the body of their dreams.

We have selected 10 sports mom accounts that will inspire and motivate you!

1. @fitness_mama

Elena Rybalchenko , known under the nickname fitness_mama, can rightfully be called one of the main Instagram fitness moms! Looking at this girl, it is hard to believe that she is the mother of three children. Elena not only managed to make her body perfect, but also started a blog to help young mothers get back in shape. On her page you can find a lot of useful information about the transformation and recovery after childbirth, training and motivation, as well as soulful photos with children and a husband who are also passionate about sports.

2. @fitness_s_baby

Many people think that playing sports with a small child is impossible. But the founder of the largest fitness project for moms, Elena Belyaeva , is sure that all these are excuses! There would be a desire, but you can always find the opportunity and time for training. The author of the blog proves this by his own example, and also gives a lot of useful tips on how to perform various exercises at home, on a walk, while cooking or playing with your baby.

3. @liasanutiasheva

The famous Russian athlete, Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, winner of Russian and international competitions, world champion Laysan Utyasheva has not only many awards and honorary titles, but also two charming children. This girl masterfully manages to combine family and sports career, and at the same time look great!

Laysan is sure that there are no ugly people – there are only lazy people and those who are stubbornly ready to work on themselves in order to become better. For the second category, the athlete developed training complexes that help to find the dream body.

4. @valia1982

“Take it and do it!” – this is the motto of Valentina , mother of three charming daughters. She trains hard herself, but also successfully transforms other people. This girl’s blog has a lot of useful videos with workouts at home, which every young mom can repeat. According to Valentina, “it is difficult to make the body elastic and give volume to the necessary parts of the body, but it is possible.” The whole secret lies in nutrition, training and, of course, motivation.

5. @aliona_hilt

“Mrs. Russia-2017”, “Vice-Mrs. Universe-2017”, WBFF Fitness Diva: yes, yes, it’s all the same person – the incomparable Aliona (Lyon) Hilt ! Twice mom cannot imagine her life without sports, and this can be seen from her luxurious figure. “I love regular workouts, they help me turn off my head, reboot and feel that my body is alive, healthy and strong,” Aliona says. On her page, a fitness mom talks about how to eat and lose weight, exercise properly and not lose motivation, as well as about an important period – pregnancy and recovery after childbirth.

6. @nana_health

One of the most popular fitness accounts among western moms! The founder of this blog, Nana , hands and feet “for” home workouts, videos from which she regularly posts on her page. In the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bathroom, by the pool – this mommy always finds time and opportunities for sports, and also actively involves children in this. The result is cute and fun workouts that will help you not only lose weight, but also have fun with your family.

7. @balletbeautiful

Professional ballet dancer, trainer and new mother Mary Helen Bowers became world famous for her incredible ballet shots during her pregnancy. Beautiful, graceful and sophisticated, Mary did not stop dancing even in the third trimester. This fragile and graceful girl trained actress Natalie Portman and prepared for filming in the film “Black Swan”. Mary has also developed her own fitness training program using ballet movements, which is becoming increasingly popular.

8. @laurasykora

This account is about yoga, but you should definitely subscribe to it, if only to admire the breathtaking pictures of its mistress. What Laura does with her body is a huge admiration! She is easily given any asanas that look incredibly impressive in the photo. The girl regularly posts pictures and videos of how she does yoga with her daughter, thereby inspiring others to follow their example.

9. @gasya

For this girl, sport is a lifestyle, because she works as an artist in the Cirque Du Soleil circus. A native of Kazakhstan and now a US citizen, Gaukhar Akhmetova is one of the most popular fitness moms on Instagram. And this is not surprising! She has a very beautiful and stylish blog, where you can find workout videos, as well as many wonderful inspiring and motivating photos that you can admire endlessly!

10. @sarahstage

Sarah is a model and mother of two who represents a new generation of young mothers. They look like they stepped off the catwalk or the cover of a fashion magazine, and not just yesterday they were in the hospital. This fatal beauty and owner of a reference body puts on the page not only selfies: she writes a lot about family, children, training, fashion and beauty, because this is what she definitely knows a lot about! In addition to the blog, Sarah has developed her own nutrition and training program, and also runs various transformation marathons.

Well, let’s get on board, shall we?