10 Gadgets That Make Mom's Life Easier

10 Gadgets That Make Mom's Life Easier

24.05.2022 0 By admin

We have identified 10 things that are indispensable helpers for a modern mother in the first six months of a baby’s life.

1. Diapers

Whatever the supporters of gauze pads and early pottying may say, but diapers have saved the nervous system of millions of young parents and provided a comfortable and dry childhood for a whole generation of children’s bottoms.

When choosing disposable diapers, remember the main thing: buy the exact brand that suits your child. Brand reputation and price range matter when choosing, but specifically for your baby, the location of rubber bands or the width of the belt-fastener on premium diapers may be inconvenient, but a simpler brand will be just right. Carefully monitor the condition of the baby’s skin under the diaper: normally, the baby’s skin should remain smooth, without diaper rash and redness. Do not use undersized diapers and change them as often as possible.

2. Thermometer

A thermometer is a very important tool in the life of a young mother: it is necessary to control the temperature of the baby’s body, the temperature of the bathing water, and the temperature of the food. The unsafe mercury thermometers have been replaced by pacifier thermometers and infrared thermometers, which measure temperatures in seconds. You can also use an electronic thermometer: by measuring the temperature “the old fashioned way” under your arm, you will get a more accurate result in less time. Waterfowl thermometers in the form of funny animals (ducks, frogs and other turtles) are perfect for measuring water temperature. And the temperature of baby food can be measured using a thermospoon or probe thermometer, which is more hygienic.

3. Silicone nipple pads and bra pads

Most breastfeeding mothers face one of the problems: milk flows poorly or milk flows strongly. If sucking is difficult due to the characteristics of the nipple, silicone breast pads will come to the rescue, making it easier for the baby to latch on and suck. If the milk from the overflowing breast literally splashes, disposable bra pads will be the salvation.

4. Pacifier

Today, the pacifier is both the result of the latest medical developments and an example of fashion design trends. With its help, you can not only calm the baby, but also not harm the formation of his correct bite. Bright colors, funny applications, chains and holders will make the pacifier not only a useful gadget, but also a great toy. If for some reason you need to bottle feed your baby, the nipple will be crucial. The modern bottle teat features a variety of shapes, an anti-colic air vent and hypoallergenic materials – in a word, it has everything your baby needs.

5. Breast pump

Expressing breast milk is not an easy task. Of course, you can do it the old fashioned way – manually, but it is much more convenient and faster to express with a breast pump. The whole variety of models of breast pumps is divided into mechanical and electric. A mechanical breast pump is convenient due to its autonomy (there is no risk that the battery runs out at the most inopportune moment), delicacy (you can quickly change the speed or force of pumping), simplicity and compact design. But the electric breast pump will do everything for you – just press the button! It has a versatile design with many modes and accessories that make pumping a fast, comfortable process.

6. Milk storage containers

Breastfeeding is a delicate process. If you don’t want to lose a single drop of an invaluable product or have to leave home for a while and leave your baby with one of the assistants, containers and bags for storing breast milk will help you. There is a great variety of containers of different sizes and from various materials for short-term storage (including thermal containers). They can also be used for long-term storage, but from the point of view of saving space in the refrigerator, it is more convenient to use special plastic bags for freezing milk in separate portions.

7. Heater

Warm up baby food to the right temperature? Easily! All you need is an all-in-one warmer, a glass of water, and five minutes of your time! Your favorite bottle will not deteriorate, the valuable product will not overheat and retain all its useful properties. A modern warmer provides quick heating of milk, mixture, drink for the baby and maintains the temperature of the food. He will free mom from long warm-ups and inaccurate temperatures.

8. Nibbler

If the baby is not yet ready to switch to an adult diet, but is keenly interested in “real” food, a nibbler is what you need! This is a special mesh with a handle-holder, in which you can put delicious pieces without worrying that the baby will choke. The idea is simple and ingenious, but the use of the gadget requires supervision from the mother.

9. Teether

When a baby is teething, the whole family is concerned with how to make life easier for him (and for himself). In the arsenal of a modern mother, there are simple flat silicone teethers with a variety of reliefs, and intricate rattle teethers and water-cooling teethers, which must be placed in the main chamber of the refrigerator for a while before being given to the child.

10. Electronic babysitter

In order not to worry every second whether everything is in order with the baby, and at the same time manage to do household chores, use an electronic nanny. The simplest walkie-talkie nanny will allow you to hear the baby at a distance of up to 300 meters on average, moreover, the option is possible both with stationary units and with portable ones. For those who need not only to hear, but also to see what the baby is doing, a video babysitter is suitable. Well, for the most advanced – Wi-Fi nanny, controlled from a mobile phone. Such devices have a greater range and do not require an additional device to receive a radio-video signal. All information from the receiver located next to the baby, using a special application, is displayed on the parent’s mobile phone!