10 cartoons that will help your child not be afraid of doctors

10 cartoons that will help your child not be afraid of doctors

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The right attitude works wonders. And if your mother’s words are not enough about “that the doctor will just look at the neck and listen to how you breathe,” you need to use … cartoons. Yes, yes, wonderful, kind, funny and explaining.

Checked by caring mothers – after such views on the eve of visiting the clinic, the child behaves calmer. And if he starts to whimper, the conversation can be diverted towards the discussion of the cartoon. The child will join in the conversation, and the doctor’s appointment will be calm (or with fewer tears than usual).

In general, add these cartoons to the children’s playlist!

Cartoon “Doctor Aibolit”

A hit of many generations, which forms the image of a kind doctor. You can take a toy with you to the appointment so that the doctor listens to it (for the company with the child).

Cartoon “About a hippopotamus who was afraid of vaccinations”

And this Soviet cartoon can and should be shown before the next vaccination or the need to get an injection.

Cartoon “Luntik and his friends”, series “Vaccination”

And this cartoon is also recommended for viewing before vaccination.

Cartoon “Fixies”, a series of “Blood test”

Donating blood is always a challenge. Although … If blood is taken from a vein, you still should not be afraid. Before that, you need to look at the story of how fixies Simka and Nolik tell in detail about this.

Cartoon “Bird Tari”

A visit to the dentist’s office is a test for the nervous system of mother, child and doctor. But if you tune in to the good and watch a cartoon in advance about how your teeth hurt if you don’t take care of them, a visit to the dentist will pass with less emotional outbursts.

Cartoon Kind Doctor Dentist

To keep their teeth healthy, young children need to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Therefore, this cartoon will help the child psychologically prepare for the appointment with the dentist.

Cartoon “Three Cats”, series “Milk Tooth”

Judging by the number of cartoons on the topic of dental health, this topic was extremely relevant in childhood for their creators!

Cartoon Forest Story

If the baby has a toothache and needs to be treated, show the child this cartoon before going to the doctor.

Cartoon “Pencil got sick”

The kid will love this colorful cartoon in which the Pencil needs a doctor’s help. Watch with your child, and comment in the necessary episodes so that the child understands that doctors should not be afraid.

Robocar Poli cartoon, Bless you series

This story about rescue cars will tell your little one how important it is to take care of your health. And if you feel unwell, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How does your child behave at the doctor’s office?

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